The nature of our work at DST means that we don’t often get to engage in face-to-face collaboration with fellow coaches or encounter feeling pulled in many different directions because we can’t be in more than one place at one time. Google Hangouts (GHO) can remove the geographical distance barrier and allow face-to-face collaboration to take place anytime, from anywhere with Internet connectivity. Learn the tools and features that make this tool a powerful way to work with fellow coaches and/or school or district staff across the distance.

Learning Outcomes |After this session, you will be able to:

  • Understand what GHO is and what it can do
  • Experience a GHO and some of its features
  • Start and participate in your own GHO

Taking the Face to Face Online | 60 minutes

Reflection | 15 minutes

Facilitator Contact Information |

sara profile.pngexternal image V9yzjnhB4YTlJwY3N25lAbdgU69H2EBxuepi2s2JWyUmXWNZ3Tubm-KBwcR7qiSpUgfA4GMySqDb0qMOKeYL0HCKGuiE13EJlwwloDikE7R1IYLfUDVp_ylPclTpQyxzTAexternal image ZerPdd-O-grIHlwXfJly2S0WhUE25sZlUEcd2YhX_Aglyr4iYAdq-drpsdXV1R6KqEVJq_7sxk5iNu0_TvafivXSglDCxIpHsHCrhP5gtd5buhpXddDKY55Pu2K6RjRLFQexternal image nhAtwMN_ano4kyHUfbIgjOsiuJtmapyjlssJcwodzWr-Dx0n4AoGa3W_Q0gSo_2xU5yBKtlArp4969UmFV1f-DAbohXN_5vGzFvplaJeCyQPHK7NOQXDc3cW9NqARNasCA

Sara English | sara.english@dpi.nc.gov

Instructional Technology Coach

District and School Transformation, NCDPI

Additional Resources|

Getting Ready to Hangout: Prepping your Device

Getting Ready for PC
Getting Ready for iOS
Getting Ready for Mac

Start a GHO: Step-by-Step

Step-by-Step from Gmail for PC
Step-by-Step for iOS
Step-by-Step for Mac
Step-by-Step from Google Chrome
Step-by-Step for Chromebooks

Using GHO in Education

Five Excellent Tools to Use with GHO
Making the Most of Google Hangouts
Google+ Community: Google Hangouts in Education

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