You already know the importance of gathering formative assessment data on student understanding! Wouldn't you love to find a digital tool that allows your teachers to quickly gather data and generate reports? Learn and experience how both Socrative and Kahoot can help your teachers gather information that drives instructional decision-making.
Directions for Today's Tools

padlet.pngLearning Outcomes |

After this session, you will be able to:

  • Access both Socrative & Kahoot
  • Understand & utilize the features of Socrative
  • Create & share a Socrative quiz
  • Download results of a Socrative Quiz
  • Participate in a Kahoot quiz
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Digital Tools for Formative Assessment | 60 minutes

Reflection | 15 minutes

How could Socrative & Kahoot be utilized in your work/role?

Facilitator Contact Information |


Sara English | sara.english@dpi.nc.gov

Instructional Technology Coach

District & School Transformation, NCDPI


Julie Garber | juliane.garber@nc.dpi.gov

Instructional Technology Coach

District & School Transformation, NCDPI

Additional Resources|

Directions for Today's Tools

Socrative Garden Blog

Socrative Report Example

Share Your Socrative Quiz (Spreadsheet of Responses)

Kahoot Blog

Kahoot Report Example

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