LoFTI is an observation tool for recording the extent of technology integration in a classroom environment.We will discuss this tool, resources, and how this tool may be considered for use in your work and role.

Learning Outcomes |

At the end of this session, participants will:
  • have a better understanding of the LoFTI: Looking for Technology and Integration tool; and
  • consider how their observation of technology integration can inform best practices and support schools and districts.

Resources |

Link to Scenarios
LoFTi | Instructions for Use | Instrument | PDF version
Technology Integration Spectrum

Understanding LoFTi

LoFTI is a tool to aid in the observation of technology integration into teaching and learning. The data gathered through the use of this instrument should be helpful in building-level staff members as they plan and/or provide professional development in instructional technology.

**Please use the corresponding checklist before implementing this LoFTI tool: https://www.fi.ncsu.edu/assets/Checklist_LoFTI_Instructions.pdf


How do you consider using this tool in your work/role?
Discussion Questions

Additional Resources|
Looking for Technology Integration

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